Building a brighter future in The Gambia at The Little Trees Skills Centre


Following the changes and impact the Coronavirus has left on many organisations, risual Limited closed one office/building with the commitment to remaining a remote flexible workforce. With closing this office meant there were a significant amount of desks and monitors left behind.  

At the risual Foundation, we know how important it is to re-use this equiptment and ensure it’s going to a new home. Following a call out on social media, the risual Foundation kindly donated 6 computer monitors and stands to The Little Trees Skills Centre based in Bakota.  

Libby May, Associate and Supporter at The Little Trees Skills Centre.  

“Many thanks to the risual Foundation for the kind donation of 6 computer monitors and stands.  These will be shipped to The Gambia, West Africa and gifted to the Little Trees Skills Centre based in Bakota.  

This training centre has been established for many years to give Young Adults the opportunity to gain skills which would support them for the future. Sadly job opportunities without qualifications are limited in The Gambia.  The Little Trees Skills Centre not only provides the qualification but practical experience which includes how to interact with customers, managing money etc. 

Training available at the skills centre covers a wide range of skills such as Motor Mechanics, Electrical Engineering, Secretarial and a sewing/dress making department.   

The monitors will be shipped in September due to arrive in November when Libby will take them personally to Little Trees.” 

It has been such a pleasure to re-home useful resources and equiptment to Little Trees Skills Centre, and will look forward to any future initatives we can help with.  


With the left over desks and monitors, a local business based in Stafford, generously donated £1,600 to ensure the risual Foundation could continue supporting other organisations in the near future.  



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